How to use Instagram more effectively as an online business?

All entrepreneurs have at least once during their careers created businesses based on unique ideas but have not been getting the deserved recognition. In this day and age it’s hard to attract the focus of internet users. There is so much content online that the chance of randomly getting recognised is close to zero. The most effective way of overcoming this obstacle is by being active and taking centre stage in your area of expertise. A majority, if not all, creative professionals do have Instagram and use it on a daily basis. This article is for those who are struggling to use Instagram to its full potential as a way of marketing your craft. Using Instagram doesn’t have to be time-consuming or bothersome. There are a lot of tools and tips that can help you not waste time and reward you highly with the small effort you actually put in.

What You Post Doesn’t Necessarily Have to Be Interesting


using instagram effectively as an online business

An important thing that has to be understood about social media is that what you don’t necessarily find interesting, others will. Maybe you live in another country or have a different daily routine than other people. The simple fact that every life is unique in its own way will make others follow your journey. By posting consistently you’ll make sure that your followers remember who you are and what you do. Your posts don’t even have to be related to your craft, but make sure people know what you do. If they like you as a person they will surely contact you when they need something done.

Always Interact With Other Users

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Make sure that you keep interacting with those that can elevate your ideas. If you’re using your personal account or an account associated with a business, remember to not be the typical salesman. Interact with others because you like their content or because you share similar interests, this will ultimately bring higher rewards in the long run. This tip may be the most time-consuming advice but it is also the most efficient. Interaction don’t necessarily have to be in form of writing, remember to always explore all the possibilities of any platform. As for Instagram we all know that liking and following exists, why not use it to your advantage? I cannot emphasise how much a single like can do. It shows that you appreciate someone’s content and it also makes the person receiving the like remember who you are. Most of us don’t have the time to sit on Instagram all day. Simple tasks such as interacting on Instagram by liking and following can be automated. Gramista let’s you spend your time on things that matter the most. Even though it can be done for free you’ll also want to focus on spending as little time as possible on Instagram.

Start Using Instagram Stories as Often as Possible

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The new feature Story that Instagram introduced a couple of months back have been exploding with engagement. Almost 25% of people on Instagram solely check Stories. If you don’t know what Instagram Stories are let me explain. If you’ve ever used Snapchat you’ll quickly recognise this feature. Stories let you post a video or photo that will only be visible for 24 hours before completely disappearing. Using Instagram Stories will cater to a fourth of your followers who barely browse the regular feed. When you open up the Instagram app you’ll notice the row of profile pictures at the top of the page, the one to the far left is your Story. Click on your bubble and you’ll be able to add things to it.

Source: TechCrunch

Try to Schedule Posts In Advance

By spending a couple of hours and planning out what to post for an entire week or month you’re freeing yourself from thinking about what to post every single day. Use your regular calendar to also keep track of what you’re going to post. Make sure to also make a commitment to how often you’re going to post. There are many tools out there that can either remind you what and when to post or even upload things for you automatically.



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