Leveraging sales through instagram

Context and Pre-Face:

As a web-hosting provider, we care a lot about our clients – even outside the scope of web-hosting. Having once been a small business ourselves – we are keen on encouraging and helping our clients in whatever way we can – especially by providing useful insight and information through our weekly blog-posts.

In last weeks blog-post we talked a lot about how you can use Instagram effectively as an online business, this week we wanted to follow up with the subject and talk a bit about the assumption of Instagram only playing nice with niche’s relevant to the fashion industry; and hopefully break down some walls with concrete numbers and data to show you why Instagram might just be the perfect platform to showcase your brand to the world, even if your brand has nothing to do with the fashion niche!


Drawing facts from Data:

Instagram has earned a respectable influence on fashion lovers. This has lead to the rapid up-rise of many small fashion startups in the coming years. The whole idea behind driving user engagement on Instagram revolves around visual media – interesting and intriguing content that captures the reader’s attention. On that note – visual media and fashion go hand in hand – which explains why the fashion industry found such huge success on the social media platform.

This is closely backed by a survey conducted by Instagram in 2016 – which shows that 66% of the user populous voted themselves as being likely to shop online for brand products after having come across the said products on social media platforms such as Instagram, 69% of those also noted having used their smartphone for online shopping.

selling via instagram

Case-Study: “The Tech Niche”:

The numbers from the aforementioned survey sound great right? Well – there is good news: they are totally relevant outside the fashion niche! With the rise of technology, tech enthusiasts are purchasing tech related hardware through online platforms using their phones more than ever before.

Lets sift through some data and numbers; several past studies have revealed that on average – of the following of large tech-related Instagram accounts, 56% were male – 44% respectively, female, between the ages of 15 and 39.  This demographic’s age-range and sample distribution is substantially higher than the age of the median Instagram user, the average age-group being bounded between the ages of 25-34 years old. What is interesting about this populous is that – though tech isn’t a largely prevalent niche on the platform – the tech users are active on Instagram all seven days a week, every day of the month: that’s a whole five days over the average Instagrammer. Their activity spread out by time of day also displays a lower average time-wise bound – with activity starting at 8:00-10:00 AM Pacific Time.

What makes any of this data special? Well – this data is just a simple analysis to why the average tech Instagrammer has twofold the followers of the average global Instagrammer. These Instagrammers also engage in far more activity with their niche – meaning there is a lot of organic reach and social signals going on.

The best part? This is just one niche! In fact – there are numerous other niches aside from fashion that display very similar statistics to the tech Instagrammer case-study. This means – if you’re thinking of whether Instagram would be a great platform to showcase your products and engage with customers to build your brand following – there’s a strong change that it is!




About the Author:

Matthew is a prominent guest writer across many blogs within the tech and social media niches, in his spare time he screens and edits blog posts for N2 Marketing